Stainless Steel Axial Flow Submersible Pumps

Carry's Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersible pumps are an economical solution for high-volume, low-head flow applications.  The Carry line offers single pumps with the capacity for 50 to 1,450 GPM at 2 to 25 feet of total dynamic head.  These pumps are also efficient and economical in parallel use for larger volumes.

Carry Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersible pumps employ axial-flow lift.  Smooth, low-vibration, and low-pressure axial-flow lift is more efficient than centrifugal force for low-head, high-volume pumping.  The simplicity of the axial-flow design is one key reason why Carry Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersibles are so durable.

Carry Submersible pumps are manufactured of all stainless steel components: investment castings, CNC precision machining, stainless steel fasteners, submersible cable and quality Franklin Electric Submersible motors.  The stainless steel construction means that the pumps are corrosion resistant and will not rust, making them longer lasting and more durable than conventional cast iron pumps.  The water lubricated submersible motors contain no grease or oil for easy maintenance and no contamination.  Carry pumps are economical to operate.  Standard applications cost just pennies a day to operate.   The pumps are available in  vertical or horizontal versions, single or three phase, a variety of horsepower and voltages to meet the unique needs of your application.

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